16 August
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Kayl Hashish
12 monkeys, 1984, 3d movie maker, 3dmm, a clockwork orange, add, adhd, andre 3000, anthony burgess, art, ash, asm, assembly, atmosphere, bass, basswood, building instruments, c++, cake, carl thompson, charles mingus, chirpin hard, cinematography, computer programming, computers, cpp, creativity, cymbals, darren aronofsky, dilbert, double bass, dr. gonzo, dr. octagon, drug psychology, drug research, drumming, drums, duke raoul, electronics, equal temperament, experimentation, expression, fear and loathing, film, flash, george orwell, gore verbinski, hardwood, hardwoods, hella, herbie hancock, heroin, human evil, hunter s thompson, instrument building, instrument construction, instrument making, instrumentation, java, john coltrane, julian jaynes, just intonation, larry lalonde, les claypool, linux, literature, lou reed, lutherie, luthery, luthier, luthiers, macromedia flash, mahogany, making instruments, mandrake linux, maple, marquis de sade, michael koch, miles davis, monty python, movies, music, nothing like the sun, oliver stone, outkast, people, pharmaceuticals, photography, pink floyd, popolocrois, primus, psp, psp homebrew, psychology, psychopathology, psychotherapy, redhat linux, robert heinlein, sawtooth waves, scott adams, scott french, scott peck, sine waves, sociopathology, spencer seim, stanley kubrick, suse linux, synthesizers, terry gilliam, the advantage, the american dream, the locust, the matrix, the residents, the road less traveled, the velvet underground, the wachowski brothers, tim alexander, unix, upright bass, visual basic, writing, xiu xiu, yes, zach hill